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Art of Digital Storytelling

Art of Digital Storytelling

Pain Points

  • Students do not know how to present in an engaging fashion

  • Student do not know how to engage their audience when posting social media content

Engage your audience through powerful digital storytelling

All great social digital content has one thing in common - a powerful narrative. In this programme, we delve into how do we create a  compelling story on a digital platform. 

Participants would learn about the secrets of digital storytelling - how to structure a story,  script a narrative, use attention-grabbing hooks and keep the suspense going so that viewers would want to watch till the end.

Who is it for?

  • Students 15 years old and above

  • CCA Enrichment and English Language programmes

  • Schools looking for Elective Modules and Applied Learning Programmes

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the principles of storytelling

  • How to conduct proper research to creating a story that connects

  • Learn how to script social media content like reels, carousels and videos

  • Understand how to hook attention using stories and narratives

  • Discern how to use different tools and digital platforms to illustrate the narrative

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