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Digital Copywriting

Digital Copywriting

Pain Points

  • Students do not know how to write content posts that engages and captures attention  

  • Students do not know how to convince using compelling copy on a digital platform

Write a copy that convinces, compels and converts!

Every great piece of digital media often comes with a powerful caption or text. This is called the copy. In the world of digital  marketing and digital media, writing great copy is the corner stone of building powerful relationships with your audiences. 

In this  programme, students will go through a crash course in copywriting including learning about the psychology of copy, compelling  writing techniques, narrative structure and how to use words that influence and inspires.

Who is it for?

  • Students 15 years old and above

  • CCA Enrichment and English Language programmes

  • Schools looking for Elective Modules and Applied Learning Programmes

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the key principles and psychology of copywriting  Learn the essential copywriting techniques

  • Create compelling copy for an email sequence

  • Create compelling copy for a landing page and social media

  • Leverage on the power of language patterns to influence audiences positively

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