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Virtual Event Management and Production

Virtual Event Management and Production

Pain Points

  • Virtual events do not have the same level of engagement as live events

  • Students lack the know-how of how to leverage on technology to run virtual events

Become an ace virtual event producer!

Virtual and Blended events have become a mainstay to bring people together in this day and age. However, do virtual events have the capacity to reach the same levels of engagement as a physical one? 

In this module, your students would get an immersive  hands-on experience on how to run virtual events as a crew. They will learn how to brainstorm, conceptualise and plan virtual events,  leveraging on the tools of the trade and would execute the running of a live stream event.

Who is it for?

  • Students 15 years old and above

  • CCA Enrichment and Leadership Training  ALP and Elective Programmes

  • Virtual Internships and Job Simulation

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the steps of virtual event production

  • Learn how to conceptualise virtual and blended learning events  

  • Develop the knowhow of creating a virtual event management plan

  • Familiarise themselves with the tools and technology for virtual event production  

  • Run a live stream virtual event as a production crew

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