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Digital Wellness and Safety

Digital Wellness and Safety

Pain Points

Students not comprehending the dangers of cyberspace and social media when interacting online

Nurture the right practices to navigate cyberspace safely and effectively

Cyberspace is a double-edged sword that is full of benefit but also laden with its dangers. It’s time to lay down the basics of safe and meaningful interaction on the web and social media so that students can use online media in a way that is effective, nurturing and empowering.

Who is it for?

  • Students of all ages accessing online and social media tools

  • Educators using social media for education and teaching purposes

Key Takeaways

  • Discern the key dangers of online and social media

  • Understand effective habits of safe web browsing

  • Develop social media etiquette and protocol that allows for safe exploration

  • Habitualise behaviours that ensure well-being to self and others when browsing online content

  • Look out for early warning signs of exposure to online threats

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