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Lean Entrepreneurship

Lean Entrepreneurship

Pain Points

  • Is not aware of the vast opportunities present for entrepreneurial success

  • Unsure of how to embark on the entrepreneurial journey

Develop the next best idea with an entrepreneurial lens

In the 21st Century, with the advent of technology and the blurring of geographical boundaries, there is a great opportunity for each person to start and build their own business. Indeed, the rise of a start-up culture has given great encouragement for youths to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship even when they are still in school. 

This module will introduce participants to the entrepreneurial mindset, as well and provide them with handles to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Who is it for?

  • Students 15 years old and above

  • Elective Programmes

Key Takeaways

  • Understand and apply the Lean Canvas Entrepreneurship System

  • Develop a blueprint for a social enterprise

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