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The 21st Century Career

The 21st Century Career

Pain Points

  • Not fully aware about the characteristics of 21st Century Careers and Industries

  • Unsure about the core skills needed to perform in the 21st Century Work Environment

  • Understand the 21st century work environment

The 21st Century Work Environment is complex, with many challenges and opportunities present simultaneously.

With the never-ending changes, can you even prepare yourself for the work environment? Will you end up in jobs completely different from your strengths? 

In this module, your students will be more aware of the 21st Century Work Environment. They will have a basic understanding about the various skills needed to perform well in jobs and in the economy.

Who is it for?

  • Students 13 years old and above

  • Early Career Guidance Programme

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the nature of future jobs in the 21st Century

  • Be aware of the future skills needed in the jobs and economy of the future

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